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Our mastering subscription service is a best seller. We offer unlimited professional audio mastering for just £19.99 monthly for your music. Whether you are an artist making 1 or 2 tracks a month, or a record label releasing music every other week, this subscription will be very cost-efficient.


We utilise the latest mastering technology and techniques to deliver an optimised, club-, and radio-ready product that will sound great on any medium. With our mastering service, you can expect improved clarity, dynamic range, and sound quality. We master music for digital, vinyl, acetate, and PVC formats. Our experienced engineer deeply understands audio production and provides the highest-quality results.


Here are some labels we are already working with:


24 Karat | C Recordings | Wheel & Deal | DropZone | Incurzion Audio | Phase Records | Deeper DNB |Empathy Audio | Kingdom Audio | Black Teeth Records | RWD 140 | Drum Pusher | DTDNB | Brainrave | Tytanium Armour | Interstellar Audio | Supa Mega Records | The Global DnB Collective | 1 More Thing | Sublock | Heavy Traffic | Monsters Music | Default Recordings | Roll Out Records


We have 80+ 5-star reviews on our website homepage. Let us take your track to the next level with our Mastering service.

Music Mastering Subscription Service

Cenové možnosti
Monthly Mastering
Best Seller
19,99£každý měsíc, až do zrušení
  • Please download this document with all the information you need to submit your master's. If you have any further questions regarding the submission of your master(s) don't hesitate to get in touch with us at before submitting your music.

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