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Welcome to our Audio Mixing (Mixdown) Online Group Mentoring Program, where the transformative power of the Mixdown refines raw tracks into polished masterpieces. Within this program, we delve into the delicate dance of samples, instruments, and vocals, where the mixdown stage emerges as the crucible for forging balance, clarity, and depth. Recognising that a stellar master hinges upon a robust foundation, we emphasise the meticulous crafting of pre-masters. Guiding you through this sonic labyrinth, our program provides the knowledge, techniques, and mentorship essential for sculpting your music to its fullest potential. Join us in mastering the art of the mixdown, where every knob turn and EQ adjustment propels your creations toward sonic excellence.


This program caters to producers of all levels. Across four one-hour group sessions, we explore key topics:


Session One: Unveiling the significance of audio mixing and frequency balancing, alongside an exploration of Subtractive EQing and Gain Staging.


Session Two: Delving into the nuances of limiting and clipping and their benefits within our mixes.


Session Three: Exploring Compression & Dynamic EQ and their pivotal role in enhancing our mixes.


Session Four: A comprehensive recap of previous sessions, culminating in an open forum for questions with an AMA dedicated to topics covered in the program.


After each session, comprehensive PDF resources will be provided, facilitating further exploration of covered topics. Additionally, recordings of each session will be distributed for your ongoing reference and study.


Scheduled weekly at 7 PM UK time on Tuesdays, these sessions offer a limited capacity of 10 seats, priced at £100 each. For your convenience, payment plans are available on our website. The first session for this cohort will take place on Tuesday 16th July at 7 PM UK time.


You'll need Zoom installed for the program, but having a camera or mic is not mandatory. You can communicate via Zoom chat. However, that's perfectly fine if you prefer to have your camera and mic on. Our main goal is for everyone to feel comfortable during the program, without pressure to be on camera or speak into the mic.


Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the secrets of audio mixing excellence.

Audio Mixing (The Mixdown) Online Group Mentoring Program

  • Upon purchasing your seat in the mentoring program you will receive a confirmation email containing a PDF with information about the next steps. If you have any questions please contact us at

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