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£19.99 a month for unlimited professional masters and revisions. Perfect for artists and record labels with a high level of output

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Labels We Work With

24 Karat | C Recordings | Wheel & Deal | DropZone | Incurzion Audio | Phase Records | Deeper DNB |Empathy Audio | Kingdom Audio | Black Teeth Records | RWD 140 | Drum Pusher | DTDNB | Brainrave | Tytanium Armour | Interstellar Audio | Supa Mega Records | The Global DnB Collective | 1 More Thing | Sublock | Heavy Traffic | Monsters Music | Default Recordings | Roll Out Records | Nexxus Recordings | Xyberware | Dropjaw Audio


Welcome to Eleven One One Mastering, your trusted source for superior sound. Led by the experienced mastering engineer Nurve, who has served the music industry for over a quarter of a century, we offer unmatched quality and precision in electronic music mastering. Nurve's rich experience spans 15 years in mastering and 25 years as an active music industry artist and specialist, giving him a unique perspective that sets our services apart. Having worked with a myriad of artists and labels across all electronic genres, Nurve's depth of understanding and nuanced approach ensures that your music is not just heard, but truly experienced. Elevate your sound with Eleven One One, online music Mastering service, and join the ranks of countless satisfied artists who have trusted us with their music. Let's make your sonic vision a reality.

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